Romarox Tourism Photo Competition

Romarox Tourism Photo Competition is the first and largest national tourism photo competition endorsed by Chief Edem Duke, the former Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation in 2012.
RTPC strives to engage the Nigerian population to appreciate and connect with her environment, in an effort to elicit domestic and international interests as it pertains to tourism in Nigeria. We believe in the beauty, originality and depth of our Fatherland. Though we have been scathed by ethnicity, religion and violence, we are a people of peace and we spread the message of love and hope everywhere we go!
But this time, we want people to come to us, as A visit to Nigeria is the ultimate experience.  Blessed with over 250 ethnic groups, languages and culture, we want to position Nigeria as the go-to-place for tourism in Africa and the world at large.
Not only that, we are concerned about passing down the values of our deep heritage of love and brotherliness to the downtrodden, the less privileged and the marginalized people amongst us through our skills empowerment projects aimed at improving their socio-economic well-being.

A niche of great Tourism Photo contests and awards, in one place

Welcome to your favorite tourism-photo community. Get inspired, enter our contest to share your passion for photography and tourism with other photographers and friends alike from around Nigeria and the world; stand a chance to win great prizes and awards.


The 2019 Photo Contest is now on!

Submissions will end in February 2020!

The Romarox Tourism Photo Competition is Nigeria’s only unique & fair tourism photo contest.

You can enter as many photos as you want within the 7 listed categories.

Anyone can enter photos with a “token access fee!”

Feel free to invite your family and friends to join you in the voting exercise. We will also enlist other photography lovers and creative artists to view and randomly vote their favorite photos and who knows, it could just be yours!

The photos with the most votes wins.

If you are a Nigerian or non-Nigerian looking for an opportunity to express yourself using photography, hurry! This could be your chance to make that great career switch.

Note: Foreigners with work/resident permits/ foreigners visiting or have ever visited Nigeria can participate, but must comply with all the set rules of the contest!

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We have created 7 categories from which you can register to participate and stand chances to win great prizes. More Info

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How to Register

Who can register for the competition? Everyone! All professional and Amateur photographers are welcome to participate. For more information on how to register and the rules for participation… More Info

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This year’s photo-tourism competition promises to be very rewarding, as our prizes are mouth-watering… More Info


Must Do

Visit our website regularly to get updates about registration, participation and other information that you will like to know about the competition.


Competition FAQs

Not sure of what to do or how to go about participating in the competition; and need urgent answers to get you going in no distant time. Learn More


Submission Rules

If a submitted photo violates any of our rules, that upload will be lost and this will affect your total number of photos entered for the competition. Learn more


These are some collections from the previous RTPC formerly known as NTPC (National Tourism Photo Competition) which was held in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria in 2012


The  competition is open to everyone with a passion for tourism and photography. Note: anyone can make payment(s) after photo(s) has successfully been uploaded and approved by the Admin. These photos are then released for public view for the first stage of voting. Participants are free to invite their family and loved ones to vote massively for them in order to keep them in for the Grand Finale as they compete favorably for the Star Prize.

After this first stage of voting, shortlisted photos are carefully nominated by our team of impeccable jury. We call them the ‘Grand Finale Judges’ as they are set out to ensure that the best photo emerges as winner without any form of unprofessional conduct.

Top 5 photos from each category with the most votes qualifies for the grand finale that is a total of 35 photos.

However, we warn that participants desist from any form of misconduct during the competition as it will not only make them ineligible but they will lose their votes as well.

1 Star Prize WInner
7 Emerging Winners from each Categories
100 Consolation Prizes
9 Phenominal Awards


Everyone and every photo entry has equal chance of emerging the winner for the grand prize and other juicy prizes.
So, what are you all waiting for?
Let the show begin.
Come up with your best flavors and finest colors.

Get Registered

The competition is for all Nigerians and non-Nigerians. Get registered, to get started and enter the competition.

Submit Photos

You can submit as many photos as you wish into all 7 categories of your choice, but must pay before each upload gets published on the platform for public view and voting. This increases your chance(s) of winning

Vote & Favorite

Vote your photos, invite your families and friends to do same wherever they are. Also, other people get to vote and save it as their favorites.

Photo Stats

See what round your photos make it to, and what place they get. And push for more counts to get to the top.


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