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Featured Categories of Competitions

Why take one, when you can have all? Isn’t variety the spice of life?
Here are the selected seven categories to be featured in the Tourism Photo Competition.

The Seven Categories

Festival & History Photo Competition Cover

Festivals & History

These include symbolic events ordinarily celebrated by a community and centring on some characteristic aspects of a community and its culture or religions. It also includes past historic events particularly in human affairs.
Special Scenery Photo Competition Cover

Special Scenery

These are unique natural features of a landscape or artificial formations considered in terms of their appearance. They should be visually attractive especially in a quaint or charming way.
Natural Wonders Photo Competition Cover

Natural Wonders

These are natural sites or monuments that was not created or significantly altered by humans.
Legendary Materials / Iconic Humans Category Photo Competition Cover

Legendary Materials / Iconic Humans

These are very famous, highly talked about conventional images symbols or persons that have comparative chronology for some of the main events culture and places in Nigeria.
Developed Tourist Sites Category Photo Competition Cover

Developed Tourist Site

These include a places of interest where tourists visit, typically for their inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, that has been developed by people, offering leisure and amusement.
Ecosystem Category Photo Competition Cover


These include a biological community of interacting nature based organisms and their physical environment.
Monuments Category Photo Competition Cover


These Include a statue, building dolmen or other structure erected to commemorate an event or notable person, or is of historical Importance of the dead.

Entry Price & Awards

You may register in for as many categories as you want; however there is an entry fee for each category you may decide to participate in.

Check out the entry fee for each categories as well as the prices and awards to be won in the competition


Phenominal Awards

It is our humble way of acknowledging and inspiring men, women, corporations and governments for their outstanding contribution and performances in their private careers and public service in Nigeria and in diaspora.

  • Crystal award of excellence in recognition of virtuoso
  • Overall best tourism photo
RTPC Award Plaque

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